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Executive and Leadership Coaching

If you are challenged by an issue, problem or opportunity, we can engage with you in a series of coaching conversations to help you shift to alternative, more constructive, perspectives so you can move forward quickly and effectively. Our approach equips you to deal with the issues at hand and leaves you able to deal with future issues by yourself.

Group Coaching and Facilitation

We also coach groups and facilitate team workshops. By bringing together management teams we can create more effective cooperation and understanding.

Commercial Skills Training

We provide commercial skills training across a range of core competencies. Our techniques ensure deeply entrenched learning to provide lasting value and relevancy for executives. Our training integrates with follow-up coaching – an approach that has been proven to increase the productivity of learning by three times traditional training methods. All our training is tailored to your specific needs. The following are some of the areas which we can adapt to your situation:

  • Communication Skills • Advanced listening skills • Effective workplace conversations • Managing commitments to build trust and engagement • Communicating change • Having difficult conversations
  • Moods and Emotions • Managing moods and regulating emotions • Coping with change • Greater self-resilience • Dealing with stress
  • Leadership • Neuroscience of leadership • Decision making and problem solving • Leadership by coaching • Self coaching

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