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Jeremy Stunt

Jeremy Stunt leads Limbic Human Capital where he helps senior executives with transformational change so they can be more resourceful and resilient in a world of change and uncertainty by helping them to be more authentic in how they engage with the world around them. Jeremy combines a unique blend of ontological coaching and neuroscience with over 20 years of personal leadership experience in demanding settings. His own leadership experience in several COO and CFO positions enables him to bring immediate credibility and gravitas to coaching and facilitation.

Jeremy has facilitated management and leadership workshops to over 5,000 executives in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the USA.

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Client feedback

Things people have said they can apply in their personal or professional work as a result of training from Limbic Human Capital

• More effective listening
• Being more clear when I make requests
• Getting clarity on requests made to me
• Seeking clarity for issues that I don’t understand
• Using emotionally neutral language
• Being more careful in the words I use
• Better management of commitments
• Making firm commitments
• Better negotiation and workplace conversations
• Saying “No” if you can’t do it
• Valuing other’s thoughts and ideas
• Handling different values / thoughts
• Managing myself
• Planning meetings
• Making more contributions in meetings
• Being better at giving positive and negative feedback to staff
• Better engagement of staff
• Improved perception
• Exploring unknown unknowns


We can help you with solutions across the whole of Asia. We have a network of experienced associate coaches and facilitators throughout Asia with contextual understanding across a wide range of industry sectors, countries, languages and cultures.

Why are we called Limbic Human Capital?


Our Limbic system sits in the middle of our brains helping to regulate our emotions and how we respond to perceived threats and rewards. The Limbic system works by influencing our endocrine system and our autonomic nervous system. It is highly interconnected with our brain’s pleasure centre as well the part of the brain most associated with planning, thinking, personality and decision making.

Recent studies in neuroscience have begun to uncover how the Limbic system works, bringing neuroscientific knowledge into the areas of leadership development, change management, management training, education, consulting and coaching.

Human Capital

Adam Smith, in his famous work “The Wealth of Nations” published in 1776, described Human Capital as:

“The acquired and useful abilities of all the inhabitants or members of the society. The acquisition of such talents, by the maintenance of the acquirer during his education, study, or apprenticeship…is a capital fixed and realized, as it were, in his person. Those talents, as they make a part of his fortune, so do they likewise that of the society to which he belongs.”

In today’s competitive knowledge economy, maximizing productivity growth is a major challenge but the winners are those that get the most out of their Human Capital.

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